On dinner, crushes, and Communists

So, I have to admit something.

I have a food blogger crush.

There! I said it. I’ve already told Braeden, so worry not, it’s no secret. But, you see, well, I have a huge crush on a food blogger named Molly, of Orangette. She’s funny, witty, an excellent writer, likes loves chocolate, uses words like “lovely” and warns people of her geekiness, stays up into the wee hours of the morning writing yet fears sleeping in too late, drinks wine, has a podcast, makes a mean gin and tonic, and she forgot the sugar one time, too. I am her/want to be her. Also, she has crushes on people as well, so I feel nary a bit of creep admitting that I have a crush on her. So, there.

I’ve been going through all of her posts from the beginning of her blog-writing days, which started back in 2004, and happened upon a post praising the sadly unappreciated cabbage. Now, cabbage and I? We’ve been friends for a while. Even if we hadn’t been friends, I would have been forced to befriend this hearty, tough, and yet unpretentious vegetable since I lived in Germany for five years with ol’ ma and pa, and then chose to study Russian, go to Russia, and love all things Russian. Ze Russians und Germans, they know a thing or two about their cabbage. In fact, I have a lovely little soup recipe that will not only make you love cabbage, but also beets. By and by, why do so many people in the U.S. shy away from cabbage and beets? Is it because they’re sometimes red, and therefore Communist? I mean, I guess that makes sense*, but…..

Anyways. This post is not about the soup nor Communism; that will come at a later date. (The soup, that is.) This post is about dinner the other night, and an epic dinner it was. The whole day was an epic food day, really. I made this rustic white bread, this peach butter, and these pickled peppers (Mom and I, we think alike). That was all just for fun, though. Wednesdays are usually my day off, which in turn means lots of food to be cooked.

A few hours of Netflix watching and wine drinking later came the dinner preparations: I made this braised red cabbage from my aforementioned crush, this corn and potato soup with a few adjustments (I only had two puny, shrively potatoes, so I also used sweet potatoes. There are barely any leftovers. Sigh.), and some top-loin cut steaks, simply sauteed. Ah, dinner. You were too good. I didn’t even take a picture of this dinner; it was too good to make the effort of running upstairs and changing my camera batteries worthwhile. I did snap a photo on my phone, though:

This dinner is great, and you should make it. It’s such a good rainy week, beginning of fall meal. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to, nay, need to go eat some of that cabbage.


*You may not know me very well yet – just in case you didn’t pick it up, that was sarcasm.

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