The Bungalow’s Hot Toddy

Colder weather got you down? Throat feeling a little sore? Is it after 5 pm (or, well, around 11 in the morning) and you feel like you need a little something extra to warm you on a cold fall day?

Look no further than the Hot Toddy. And look, Wikipedia says that the Hot Toddy is used to cure colds and flus (dehydration, shmeydration), so it’s perfectly acceptable to drink them at, say, 11 in the morning. Or maybe 10.

A Hot Toddy is usually made with whiskey, but one day during senior year, my roommate Cassidy and I only had gin on hand and Cassidy was forced to improvise. (She is rather a genius when it comes to gin.) And so it was that my favorite winter drink was born.

The Bungalow’s Hot Toddy

For one serving:

  • 1 tea bag, such as black or chai spiced black
  • honey to taste
  • citrus slices, such as lemon, orange, limes, or a combination
  • ground cinnamon and/or nutmeg, to taste
  • gin (my favorite for a Hot Toddy is New Amsterdam, which I think has a certain creaminess or different texture than others, but any good brand will do)

Everything in this recipe is to taste. First, brew the tea in a large glass. Discard the tea bag and stir in as much honey as you like. I usually use a tablespoon or two, depending on how much gin I add. Next, add the gin: again, use as much as you like. I honestly just eye-ball it and taste in between pours, but I suppose a good starting point would be one ounce and then add more if you want to taste it more. Stir all that up then add a few citrus slices and a few shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg. I imagine this being sipped by a fireplace in a secluded log cabin while wearing a lot of flannel and watching the snow drift gently to the ground. Or, you know, wherever.

Kara, coming to you live from Janessa’s kitchen.
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