Use this with that enchilada recipe! Red and Green Enchilada Sauces

So, I have never blogged before. Like ever. But! I can cook.  I saw my mom’s post on enchiladas, and thought (or………Kara said, “Janessa, you should write a post to go with this!”) I can make good enchilada sauce! I can’t quite decide whether or not I like red or green sauce better.  I’m a “love the one you are with” kind of girl (when it comes to enchilada sauce, not my man).

Red Sauce

Place 6-8 dried chilies (we prefer New Mexico chilies) in a hot frying pan.  Turn them frequently until the oils have released.  Remove the chilies from the pan, sauté diced onions (1 small white) and garlic (4 cloves…but I like garlic, right Mom?) When they are translucent, add 3 diced fresh tomatoes.  Cook until all of the juice has rendered.  If you live at high altitude, like me, you can use a can of stewed tomatoes instead.  If you use them, also add a can of tomato paste and some chicken stock.  Add salt and pepper, then add the chilies back into the pan. Cover and simmer for about 30 minutes, or until the chilies are soft.  Place everything in a blender, and puree. Return to pan and cook until desired consistency/ taste is reached.  Feel free to add extra salt and pepper to your liking.  If you like the hot/sweet thing, you can add honey or agave nectar.

Green Sauce

Pre-roast and peel green chilies.  Again, we like New Mexico chilies.  You can leave seeds and stems if you want extra heat.  Sautee 1 small diced white onion, and garlic in oil.  Place chilies back in pan.  Add 3 diced fresh tomatoes or one can of stewed tomatoes. Cook for 20 minutes. Puree mixture, and return to pan. Cook for an additional 10 minutes, and add salt, pepper, and honey or agave nectar to taste.


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