Sweet Dates – in a Quesadilla

It’s holiday baking time, so I made some cookies and candy over the weekend and I’m happy to say a couple of the recipes are worth publishing (as soon as I make them again and take a few pictures).  One experiment didn’t quite reach my expectation, but all was not lost – the flop included a date filling, and since I had some of the filling left after giving up on the cookies, I turned it into one of my favorite kinds of quesadillas.

This quesadilla is good with breakfast, as an appetizer, or even for dessert – it is sweet, but not too sweet.  Not only that, it is a really delicious flavor combination and very easy to make.

Date Quesadillas

  • 2 flour tortillas per quesadilla
  • chopped dates (about 1/4 cup per quesadilla)
  • water (2-3 tablespoons per quesadilla)
  • ricotta cheese (2-3 tablespoons per quesadilla)
  • shredded mozarella (2-3 tablespoons per quesadilla)
  • butter for browning the quesadillas

Cook the dates in water until they are soft and have a thin paste consistency – about 10 minutes.  Spread one tortilla with a thin layer of the date paste and spread the other one with ricotta.  Sprinkle the ricotta side lightly with mozarella (just enough to fuse the two tortillas together when the cheese melts) and top with the date tortilla.


Heat a nonstick skillet.  Lightly butter the top side of the quesadilla and place butter-side down in the pan.  Cook until light brown and then turn to cook the other side (there will probably be enough butter in the pan, but add a little more if needed).  Cut into wedges and serve.


This date quesadilla is a variation of one I’ve eaten in Mexico, which was made with guava paste thinned with a little water and requesón in place of the ricotta.  I wanted to make the original quesadillas once for a breakfast at work, but I couldn’t find guava paste at the time.  Dates were the best substitute I could think of, and I actually like the date quesadillas better so that’s how I always make them now.

The quesadillas are another great party food – guests always come in and ask how they can help, so set up an assembly line with one person spreading dates, another spreading ricotta, sprinkling mozarella, and assemblying, and a third person frying the quesadillas in a big frying pan.  The quesadillas are so good (and easy), your guests will be glad to know how to make them!


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Dates – in a Quesadilla

  1. Yum! Dates are one of my favorite things, but I never thought to use them in a quesadilla. Love the idea of the sweet dates with cheese!

  2. Camille,
    The good thing with quesadillas is that they’ll turn out OK no matter what kind of tortilla quality you have there, as long as you use plenty of butter!
    I’ve just about given up on Mexican restaurants in Germany, but I came across your blog the other day and saw a couple I would like to try the next time we go to Paris.

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