It’s All Greek To Me

When experimenting with grilled cheese, you must always keep in mind that the experiments could go awry. Obviously you hope and even believe this won’t be the case, and that you’re invincible, and that no grilled cheese is too great for you, but there will come a day when your grilled cheese is just “meh.”

For me, today was that day.

I make a pretty delicious tzatziki, if I my say so myself. So I thought, “Hey! Grilled cheese would love some tzatziki! Maybe with a little roasted lamb? A slice or two of tomato? Like a kebab-meets-extra cheese-and-an-American type thing?! YEAH!”


I was wrong. Or at least, I think I was wrong. Today’s grilled cheese was made of tzatziki, havarti, a slice of deli-style turkey, and that’s it. No lamb, for no pre-roasted slices of lamb were to be found. Sure, I probably could have bought some lamb and roasted it myself, but I wasn’t quite in the mood to wait that long when I was already starving. I also forgot to buy a tomato, and I think my slices of bread were a teeny bit too small to handle all the saucy mess of grilled havarti + tzatziki.

But, in spite of alllllll these shortcomings, I recommend you give it a shot.

Or at least make the tzatziki. It’s good.

Tzatziki Grilled Cheese

To make tzatziki, combine about a cup of Greek yogurt, a big handful of chopped dill, a 1/4 cup of crumbled feta, a squirt or two of lemon juice, some zest of a lemon, a splash of olive oil, ground pepper, and about a 1/3 – 1/2 cup of finely diced cucumber (peel and seed it first). Taste; adjust for seasoning and add salt if you need to. I added a few pinches of dill seed, because I felt like it. Also some garlic would be nice (I just don’t really use garlic).


To make the sandwich, spread a layer of tzatziki on one slice.  On the other slice, carefully layer turkey (Or lamb! Do try lamb! And tell me if it’s good!), havarti, a bit of extra feta if you’d like, and tomato slices if you remember to buy a tomato. (I really think that would have improved the sandwich a lot. It was just very….richandcheesy. Which might make you go “Uh…yeah Kara…it’s grilled cheese….it’s s’posed to be cheesy…” but whatever.) Grill, serve with some extra tzatziki on the side, and give it a try.

grilled cheese with extra tzatziki

That’s all I ask.


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One thought on “It’s All Greek To Me

  1. Gariann and Tami says:

    We think some sliced kalamata olives would take it over the top!
    And maybe drink some ouzo on the side. Opaaaaaaaa!

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