Eggplant grilled cheese

This afternoon, I told my kids that we were again experimenting with grilled cheese. I received a very astounding, “ahhh….Mom…”  I think they may be over it.  Little did they know this was going to be pretty much the best thing ever.  When I was grocery shopping, I was intending to pick up some normal eggplant.  Instead, I found these adorable little ones!  See!?!? Seriously, they are the size of an egg.  SO cute!

eggplant like eggs

At first, I considered putting eggplant between layers of bread.  Yeah, kinda boring.  I eventually decided to get rid of the bread, and just use eggplant and cheese.  Good, good, good.


Since they were so little, I decided they would make a wonderful appetizer.  The kids were thrilled they didn’t have to eat grilled cheese again.  Really, whose kids protest grilled cheese?  Um, yeah.  Mine.

To begin, thinly slice the eggplant, I used 4 small ones.  After they are all sliced, sprinkle with a very small amount of salt.  I’m not sure if it is an old wives’ tale, but I have always heard that salt draws out the bitterness.  It could be true, maybe not.  I figure it can’t hurt.  Salt is good!

While the eggplant sits for a few minutes, combine the following in 3 separate dishes. Glass pie plates work wonderfully.

1st dish:

  • ½ cup flour
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • fresh cracked black pepper

2nd dish:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

3rd dish:

Seasoned breadcrumbs – I added crushed red pepper, onion powder, and ¼ cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese to 2 cups of panko breadcrumbs.

Coat the eggplant in flour. Place in the egg mixture, coat thoroughly, and then coat in the breadcrumbs.  Let the eggplant rest for a few minutes.


Slice fresh mozzarella cheese and heat marinara sauce. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat with a couple tablespoons of canola or vegetable oil.


Pan fry in the oil heated at medium heat.  After they are browned on both sides, assemble the “sandwich.”  Take a piece of eggplant and top with a small amount of marinara sauce along with a slice of the mozzarella.  Finally, top with another piece of eggplant. Enjoy!

dressed up

P.S. My kids loved them as well!



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2 thoughts on “Eggplant grilled cheese

  1. I’ve made the southwest grilled cheese with cilantro pesto twice now, and I still think it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. So do two of my friends. Thank you!

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