The End of the World

Did anyone out there notice that no one posted last night and get a little worried that maybe this end-of-the-world, Mayan thing wasn’t a silly idea after all?

Fear not, we’re still here!

And today, you’ll get two grilled cheese sandwiches to make up for our (mostly my) lack of post yesterday.

Also, kitty:



So you see why I got distracted.

This morning’s grilled cheese is slightly similar to Tami’s recent grilled cheeses: we used guava paste, mashed black beans, gouda, and a few candied jalapenos. I was inspired to make this from a description of a glorious-sounding grilled cheese I found a while back:

“Gouda Grilled Cheese at Queens Kickshaw in Astoria: Nutty gouda is reinforced by an earthy black bean spread and sweetened by guava jam, all piled on well-crisped brioche. It’d be an overbearing combination, save for the ample sprinkle of pickled jalapenos, a reprieve of sour and spice to pop in each bite. This is sandwich architecture at its finest: powerful flavors, well balanced, delivered in the perfect package.”

Only one thing: I am running out of bread to make all these grilled cheeses and had to use corn tortillas. It was still delicious.

End of the World Grilled Cheese
  • bread or tortillas
  • gouda
  • candied jalapenos (This is at least the third time we’ve referenced these. You really need to make them.)
  • guava paste
  • black beans, mashed with the back of a fork



beans mashed







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