Mayoneggs for all

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We here at The Troika Table’s DC headquarters quite enjoy Arrested Development. (Braeden even watched it when it was on the air.)

Warning: If you haven’t watched Arrested Development, you probably definitely won’t get this. It’s ok. Just let it happen.

There are many a food item to be found in Arrested Development – ice cream sandwiches, chocolate-covered bananas, and corn balls, to name a few. The one that hooked me is the Mayonegg, created by the lovely Ann Veal. (Her?)

The Mayonegg, described by George Michael:

You might not feel so good, but if you think about it, you’ll realize the Mayonegg is just a deconstructed deviled egg. That’s not so bad, now is it? And so, in honor of the long-awaited fourth season of Arrested Development, we created a Mayonegg for our favorite characters. We even made our own mayo.

The Original Mayonegg – Ann Veal. (Not pictured)

Egg + packet of mayo.

The Original

Breakfast Egg – George Michael. What have we always said is the most important thing?

Egg + mayo + crumbled bacon

George Michael

Banana Egg – Michael. There’s always money in the Banana Stand!

Egg + mayo + a few slices of banana. (Yes, we did this. Braeden ate it and does not recommend that you do.)


Sumac Egg – George Senior. I may have committed some…light treason.

Egg + mayo + sprinkling of sumac.

George Senior

Vodka – Lucille. They have my brands!

No egg + shot of vodka.


Magic Trick Egg – GOB. It’s an illusion, Michael.  

Egg white + Chives/Yolk.  But where’s the mayo?  (It’s mixed in with the yolk).  The Alliance surely won’t approve of that.


Silent Egg – Buster. You can always tell a Milford Man.

Egg, which will remain undetected for years.


HOOP Egg – Lindsey. Hands Off Our Poultry!

Plate, no egg.


Blue egg – Tobias. I just blue myself.

Egg + mayo + blue food coloring.


Egg, Indubitably – Maeby. Well, that was a freebie.

Egg + mayo + whatever ingredient you have on hand (We used Thai basil and Sriracha).


Korean Egg – Annyong. Annyong!

Egg + mayo mixed with spicy chile sauce (preferably Kim Kim, but we only had Sriracha).


Vertigo Egg – Lucille Austero. A touch of the dizzies.

Egg, upside down and maybe falling apart.

Lucille II

Chipotle Egg – Marta. So good it will make your hermano jealous.

Egg + mayo mixed with a dab of adobo sauce.

Marta & Lupe

Hairless Egg – Stan Sitwell. I look like Edgar Winter here.

Egg + mayo (preferably blonde) on the side.

Stan Sitwell


Just remember, if you choose to make any of the Mayoneggs, use your own eggs. It can be a real downer when someone takes eggs that don’t belong to them.

All the eggs

And please, tell your friends about this blog.

-K and B (Kara and Braeden)

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One thought on “Mayoneggs for all

  1. mollie says:

    Hands down best part: “And please, tell your friends about this blog.”

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