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Time for two truths and a lie:

1: Univision has the best World Cup broadcasts.

2: My refrigerator is exploding with produce.

3: I’ve been updating the blog regularly with witty anecdotes and delicious recipes.

Capitol, Tour de Fat

I think you can guess which of these things is not like the other, and that thing (that whole not blogging thing) has felt like the elephant in my cyber room for a long, long time now. So here I am! With pictures! And recipes from Spicy DC!


Beet-licious salad recipe coming soon, because I’m determined to make everyone eat more beets. (I’m thinking “Beets by Kra” type thing. Thoughts?)



I got a fever, and the only prescription is more World Cup: Bazaar Spices’ Flavors of the World Cup.

Maybe you’ve still got rhubarb? Make rhubarb syrup (For soda! Cocktails! Ice cream!), and get rhubarb jam.

Baby, it’s hot outside: Rose hip lemonade.



Until next time’s beets,



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Strawberry Lemonade/Spring



(Sorry, but I had to yell that at you. HAD TO.)

Today we have a deliciously grownup Strawberry Lemonade from Janessa, perfect for the impending bucket-loads of strawberries that will be hitting the markets.

And, a few links to recipes from the Bazaar Spices blog, written by yours truly:

Braised Collard Greens with Black Cardamom and Coconut Milk – I know you might not feel like braising these days, but trust me and just do it one last time before you start quickly blanching things and eating salads.

Smokey and Sweet Roasted Nuts – These are ADDICTIVELY good, and now that I’m on my own blog and not that of a professional establishment, I can be immature and giggle. Anyways, go make these nuts. (Tee hee).

And now, Strawberry Lemonade!



Strawberry Lemonade (My Way)

FOREVER ago, Kara asked me to come up with a unique-ish drink.  I did, took pictures, but forgot to write about it.  When cleaning up and organizing iPhoto a couple days ago, I ran into these pictures again.  I figured there is no harm in sharing it with you all now!

I love strawberries.  Fresh, juicy strawberries make me happy.  Unfortunately, when making this drink, we didn’t have any.  Frozen strawberries aren’t the same, but they worked fairly well.

Ok, so either thaw a handful of frozen strawberries and chop them, or slice the yummy fresh kind.  Add a little bit of sugar (probably 2 teaspoons) to soften the berries as well as provide a delicious bit of juice.

Strawberry mush

Next, measure 1.5 ounces of vodka using nifty shot glasses.



Fill a cup with ice, add some of the strawberry mixture, and the vodka, and top with lemonade.


Add lemonade


Ta-da!  Easy, and delicious!  I added a bit of basil to the top of my glass.  It was aromatic and mmmmm.


Topped with basil


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Spicy DC



As I may or may not have mentioned, I’ve been working at Bazaar Spices at Union Market in Washington, D.C. for a while now. It’s fabulous, and part of my work includes blogging for their Spicy DC Blog.

for the birds

YEUP, I’ve been blogging elsewhere and neglected to tell you!

Forgive me?

White House in white

What if I give you the recipes?

And promise an update of adventures soon?

oysters, meats, breads, oh my



what the what

1: Brown Butter Cinnamon Cookies with Crystallized Ginger – because it’s March and your New Year’s resolution to “eat less butter” or something doesn’t apply anymore.

2: Spicy Carrot and Chickpea Stew – because even though it was 70 degrees today in Washington, D.C., it’s going to be 30 degrees tomorrow. (Womp.)

my favorites

3: Chermoula Buttermilk Roasted Chicken Legs – because Chermoula is the best spice blend you’ll ever try, and I’m never prone to exaggeration.

Bonus round: All about infusing your liquors with botanicals – because, well, cocktails.

Maslenitsa! Blini!

Happy March,


warmth soon

P.S. This has been on repeat, just because.

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The Olympics

Sochi’s Opening Ceremony is just minutes away from starting. I found a live feed to watch online, and the sounds of Russia are blaring from my computer.


If I had my ducks in a row, I would’ve made a huge Russian feast for this day, but my ducks are swimming all willy nilly, as it were, so for now I’ll give you a roundup of all the Russian/Eastern European recipes posted on the blog.


To start, a few infused vodkas and a cocktail:

Ginger Vodka

Lemon Vodka, Pepper Vodka, The Slippery Russian

Lemon Vodka II

Some appetizers and snacks:

Tomato and Dill Salad

Badrijani nigvzit (Georgian Eggplant Rolls) and Baklazhanaya ikra (Eggplant Caviar)

Perepechi with Meat and Mushrooms and Perepechi with Cabbage (Udmurt Rye-Crust Savory Pastries)

Syrnyi Pashtet s Chesnokom i Morkovyu (Cheese Garlic Carrot Spread)

A few heartier dishes:

Vegetarian Borsch

Skorospelye Gurievskie Blini (Quick Blini, Guriev-Style)

And for your tea, a few preserves:

Varenye iz Yablok (Russian Apple Preserves)

Apricot and Blueberry Preserves


Enjoy the games, everyone!


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Five golden links


Five tropical links for you this evening:

Have you ever made Coquito? It’s Puerto Rican Egg Nog, and I think I know how I’ll use some of the giant bottle of rum recently purchased…


And, if I have leftover Coquito (though let’s be honest, why would I?), I’ll try this Coquito French Toast for breakfast.


My friend Kelly told me about a Puerto Rican lasagna of sorts, and I’m dying to give it a try.


I know I’ve told you about Braeden’s and my favorite rum, Mt. Gay, but if you haven’t tried it, please do so. Now. Sorry, Bacardi, but Mt. Gay is where it’s at.


And finally, a little trivia for you: what artist/song borrowed heavily from Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals? Give you one guess.

Don’t stop the party,

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Sometimes you have 90-degree weather in October, and sometimes that means you end up with four bags of tomatoes to take care of because they would have gone in the compost if not for you. (Pat yourself on the back; you’re being rather heroic.)


One bag of these will turn into oven-dried tomatoes, recipe via Smitten Kitchen. I’ve made these for the past three years, and I always, always regret not having more. I’ve already frozen a bag-full of them and will keep this batch in olive oil in the refrigerator. I usually throw in some herbs while roasting, but today I could only be bothered to drizzle some olive oil, sprinkle some salt, and grate a bit of nutmeg over the tomatoes.

They’ll be perfect.


A few weeks ago, when I was convinced tomato season would be ending any day, I made my annual batch of tomato chutney, recipe courtesy The Wednesday Chef. I’ve also made this for the past two years, and I never bother canning or freezing it because it is always devoured within a few weeks. It’s addictive.

chutney and teasers

The chutney is the red stuff smeared on cream cheese on bread in the photo above. This picture is also a bit of a promotion for upcoming blog posts, and a bit of me being a tease. Fried green tomatoes? Sweet pickled jalapeños? You’ll just have to wait.

(Also I need to tell you: the oven-roasted tomatoes have now been in the oven for an hour, and the whole apartment just started smelling like jammy, sweet, juicy tomatoes, or in other words, it smells incredible, and you should make them so you can smell them, too.)

Speaking of tomato and jam, I think I’ll make tomato jam with some of these rescued tomatoes. Maybe this recipe? Or this one?

We’ve also already made two quarts of tomato sauce, which went straight into the freezer. Can I let you in on a secret? I didn’t bother peeling or seeding the tomatoes. We just took the bad spots out, plopped them in the pan with a roughly-chopped onion, added some salt, pepper, olive oil, and rosemary, and let the sauce simmer away for about 30 minutes before pureeing it into a saucy mess. If “to peel or not to peel” is getting in between you and your tomato sauce-making, just skip the damn peeling and make yourself some sauce already.

There’s also this lovely guide to dealing with bunches of tomatoes, which provides many an inspiration.

And finally, one of the bags is destined not for me, but for someone else. By the way, everyone, I have an announcement to make: It’s big news, and I’ve been a little too shy or hesitant or too something to say this on the blog, but, well, I have a new job. I’m really, really enjoying the new job, and it’s in the food world: I’m Joan Nathan‘s assistant. (!!!!!) So, one bag of tomatoes is for recipe testing because that’s part of my job now. (…!!!) When I started this blog with my mom and sister, I had vague ideas of wanting to work with food somehow but didn’t think this would happen. I now feel a little validated in my hopes and dreams and ambitions, and it’s a very refreshing feeling.

To ambitions, tomatoes, and seasons changing,


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To May

April was a rough month, but here’s lookin’ at you, May.

It’s been hard to find the words to write, so for now I hope you’ll like these pictures and links (and look for the guava mojito recipe that I sneakily snuck as well). Recipes soon.


brownies in Colorado

No visit to Colorado would be complete without trusted helpers making brownies.



Kelly and Gilbert visit, we feast

An unexpected, wonderful visit and the feast that ensued: fish tacos, sopa de arroz, black beans,
cactus salad, and a riff on this shredded cabbage slaw.


Extra old



those onions

David Lebovitz’s Pickled Red Onions; a mish-mashed quinoa salad.

the view


Introducing: Fidough

Introducing: Fidough, the sourdough starter.

Fidough is happy.

English muffins


Sourdough English muffins – no going back.




Guava mojito

Guava mojito: Muddle 10 or so mint leaves in a glass, add 2 ounces of white rum,
about 6 ounces guava juice, and ice. Stir to combine. Top with sparkling water.



B’s Birthday decor.

Oh yes.

Smitten Kitchen’s Butterscotch Banana Tarte Tatin (from the cookbook!).



Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner. (Nuggets.)


what will it be?

The sauce.

Ginger scallion sauce – Note to self: never make only a half batch again.


Most important

Most important.


Looking back at these pictures, April doesn’t seem half bad.

And that’s what matters.

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The place we live

Just a quick note to say hello, and pass on a few tid-bits and photos from a recent trip to Washington state.

This is the place I used to live. Most of my dad’s side of the family gathered a few weekends ago for a celebration.  I will admit, it was a little strange to be back. It seems so, so far away, and so, so long ago.

(My grandma showed us this picture of her mother and father. Dapper.)

I visited my best friend this past weekend, and she took me here

Most people know that Michigan is shaped like a mitten, or Oklahoma is a pan. But do you know all the rest?

I made this last week, for dinner. I’m going to make it again very soon for a late Saturday breakfast. It’s so good. Make it now.

We made this tonight, which coincidentally is also from Yotam Ottolenghi, and also from his book Plenty. This is probably a sign that I need to get this book.

Did you hear about the teddy bears in Belarus?

Really, really want to make this. Might need a food processor first. Conundrum.

Two words: Mayo. Matrix.

Almost every day, I find out that you can make things from scratch that I didn’t even know could be made from scratch. Yep, some basic ingredients actually don’t have to be made in a giant, mysterious factory. Who knew.

That’s all for now. I’m working on a recipe that I’m really excited about: spicy peach butter barbecue sauce. It requires a bit of work, but I’m hoping it will be worth it.


P.S. I found out this exists, and I felt immediately compelled to poke fun at the name. It is, however, some very good cheese.

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